University of Gdansk to host the Laboratory of Legal Delegation 

Karol Makurat/REPORTER

Bringing together the community of employers, researchers, employees and civil servants is the mission of the European Labour Mobility Institute (ELMI), which is starting cooperation with the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Gdansk. As part of the cooperation, a Legal Delegation Workshop will be set up at the Faculty.

The ELMI is creating a knowledge forum on the posting of workers under the freedom to provide services, promoting labour and service mobility in the EU internal market and ensuring good law and its correct interpretation.

“The Legal Posting Workshop is nothing more than a forum for the exchange of experiences between practitioners. Our role is to moderate discussions and gather knowledge for future participants of the workshop or for other entities that deal with the delegation of workers”, says vice-president of the management board of the European Institute for Work Mobility, Dr Marek Benio.

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