University of Science and Technology launches Cyber Security Centre

RICHARD JONES/Science Photo Library/ RF/ East News

AGH University of Science and Technology (AGH) in Krakow is launching the Cyber Security Centre, which will integrate and coordinate work carried out in this area by researchers and students across the university. 

The new unit will also deal with development work, educational activities, as well as international cooperation in the areas of broadly defined cyber security. 

“Observing contemporary technological trends and the expanding landscape of potential cyber threats, we want to provide solutions that will serve the defence of our country, institutions, companies, and IT resources. At the Cyber Security Centre, we will integrate the solutions developed so far at the university with the expert experience of specialists in the field and the passion of innovators”, stresses AGH Rector Prof. Jerzy Lis.

The director of the AGH Cyber Security Centre is Izabela Albrycht, who was the president of the Kościuszko Institute think tank and co-author of the conference on strategic challenges of cyber security CYBERSEC Forum.

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