Koszalin Technical University launched Internet of Things lab

Politechnika Koszalińska

The high-tech GlobalLogic IoT Lab has opened at Koszalin University of Technology. As part of the dual education program, it will offer students a chance to gain theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Similar facilities were previously launched in Wroclaw, Krakow and Szczecin.

The laboratory has been equipped with 16 workstations that enable the creation of Internet of Things devices, the realization of communication via 4G networks and work on “GL Embedded Starter Kit” educational modules, which allow a closer understanding of the CAN communication standard, which is currently the main communication protocol used in the automotive industry. 

In addition, the facility has assembly and measurement workstations and dedicated servers. All of this will provide widely unavailable opportunities to expand knowledge within the framework of issues related to artificial intelligence, data aggregation, architecture of Internet of Things systems and devices or communication protocols.

Read more: https://tu.koszalin.pl/art/2834/otwarcie-laboratorium-globallogic-iot-na-politechnice-koszalinskiej

Technical sciences