University of Silesia patented graphene-enriched polymers for 3D printing

Nano Calvo/ VW PICS/ Science Photo Library/ East News

Researchers from the University of Silesia, in collaboration with Inno Plast Technologies, have developed graphene-enriched thermoplastic polymers that can be used in 3D printing. 

Many of the materials known and used in this relatively new technology are characterised by high flammability or low mechanical resistance. This affects the quality of objects obtained using 3D printers. This is particularly important in the context of producing, for example, modern displays or photovoltaic systems”.

Therefore, researchers from the University of Silesia proposed a solution based on enriching thermoplastic polymers used in spatial printing, such as polystyrene or polycarbonate, with graphene. Thanks to the modifications introduced, the product turned out to be not only more durable, but also characterised by good conductivity. The solution has been granted patent protection.

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