University of Szczecin to coorganise

Uniwersytet Szczeciński

The Szczecin branch of the Polish Gerontological Society, the Department of Marketing – Institute of Management and the Department of Social Pedagogy – Institute of Pedagogy at the University of Szczecin are inviting to participate on 22 and 23 March in the third interdisciplinary, and the first international, conference on the silver economy, informs the university.

The conference “Silver Economy. Consumer, household, enterprise, organisation’ will be an opportunity to present research results on the dynamic phenomenon of ageing societies, to make interdisciplinary and international comparisons.

The thematic areas of the conference include: the consumer – senior as a buyer, younger versus older consumers, the situation of women and men in the post-working age, the behaviour and attitudes of senior citizens during a pandemic, as well as the finances and resources of senior citizens’ households, the level versus quality of life of households, the situation of households during a crisis, smart homes and appliances.

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