University of Warmia and Mazury to produce bio-oil from chlorella algae

East News

The Faculty of Geoengineering of the University of Warmia and Mazury (UWM) in Olsztyn is conducting the research on the use of chlorella algae for the production of bio-oil.

The research results so far are so promising that scientists from Olsztyn are looking for industrial plants that will want to test their ideas.

“Algae have great potential. We focused on the properties of chlorella that could be successfully used in the energy industry, i.e. the production of bio-oil, and on their ability to capture CO2 – the so-called biosequestration”, says Prof. Eng. Marcin Zieliński from the Department of Environmental Engineering UWM, who manages the research.

The main goal of the research team is to create conditions for the cultivation of as many algae as possible to capture as much CO2 as possible, and at the same time accumulate bio-oil in their cells. It is already known that algae can accumulate much more of it than any other oil plants known to humanity.

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