Warsaw University of Technology publishes New Development Strategy until 2030

Adam Burakowski/REPORTER

“In the Strategy, we pave the way to the goal of transforming the Warsaw University of Technology into a leading research and teaching center in this part of Europe” said the rector, Prof. Krzysztof Zaremba.

Prof. Zaremba emphasized that the prepared Strategy is based on the awareness that research activity is today a key role in the development of the world, but it is inextricably linked with the social responsibility of scientists.

Therefore, on the list of strategic research areas, the university included “Healthy, sustainable living environment” and “Sustainable industry, materials and manufacturing processes”.

“When writing the strategy, we thought more about pro-ecological and pro-social technologies, but the challenge of the new security situation, with the enormous threat to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe from the aggressive Russian Federation, forces us to add one more scope of technology – security in all its aspects, from cybersecurity to systems ensuring protection against military means”, stated the rector.

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