University of Life Sciences in Wrocław launches the Regional Product Center 

Dawid Tatarkiewicz / East News

The Regional Product Center was established at the University of Life Sciences in Wrocław. It is a place of education and development of the competences of winemakers, brewers and local producers of traditional meat and fruit and vegetable products.

In recent years, there has been an increased interest in natural, ecological food, produced in farm conditions, farmsteads, agritourism farms or small municipal craft facilities. Experts talk about the beer revolution, the revival of artisanal winemaking and the development of fruit and vegetable processing.

“The Regional Product Center is a comprehensive support for winemakers, cheese makers, brewers and small food processors, whom we also educate during postgraduate studies. Here, a laboratory and scientific base and access to experts are created, which will be used not only by small processors, but also by staff from large industrial plants”, says Dr Marek Szołtysik from the University of Life Sciences in Wrocław.

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