A researcher from the University of Wrocław documenting rural cemeteries in the Polish-Czech border

A. Zaręba Uniwersytet Wrocławski

Project by Dr Alicja Krzemińska from the University of Wrocław received funding from the Ministry of Education and Science program “Science for Society”. Researcher of the Institute of Geography and Regional Development, together with her team, is going to document rural cemeteries in the Polish-Czech border.

From the point of view of history, rural cemeteries are one of the most important, permanent and recognizable landscapes of Polish villages. The present rural landscape is undergoing profound changes as a result of the disappearance of homogeneous spatial structures, breaking the cultural continuity and disturbing ecological stability.

“In this landscape, so sensitive to changes, church cemeteries are an important symbol of our cultural heritage, which is why it is important to undertake documentary research of material and spiritual goods that are part of our regional and national identity”, say 

More: https://uni.wroc.pl/pol-miliona-na-badanie-wiejskich-cmentarzy/