Academic Medical Center of AWF Katowice starting a project for elementary school students

Akademia Wychowania Fizycznego w Katowicach

Established last year at the University of Physical Education in Katowice, the company Academic Center of Education is starting the first project to protect children from the health and social effects of base defects and obesity. The project will cover students of public primary schools, especially those from younger grades.

Research conducted by students will divide children into healthy group, who will later participate in the sports project, and children with defects, who will be referred to ACM’s posture defect clinics. The tests will also help identify children with obesity and diabetes; the next stage will be their treatment in specialized clinics.

The originators of the project want to launch an application that would encourage and mobilize children to be physically active. In the first stage, the program will be run by the Academic Medical Center and the university on its own. In subsequent stages, local governments and the National Health Fund will be invited to cooperate.


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