Analogue games as a cure for post-Covid fog – research by the University of Silesia

Monkpress/East News

Dr Tomasz Kopczyński from the Institute of Pedagogy of the University of Silesia, together with his team, carries out an innovative project aimed at examining the therapeutic values of analogue games (e.g. board games, card games) in the context of COVID-19.

Many people who have had COVID-19 complain of brain fog, a cluster of neurological symptoms that includes impaired concentration and short-term memory, attention problems, confusion, and fatigue.

Brain fog can occur in various diseases, such as autoimmune diseases, Lyme disease, neurosis or chronic fatigue syndrome. Recently, it has been heard as a complication after COVID-19.

“In pedagogy and psychology, designing games as tools used in prevention or therapy is a rather poorly described problem, so we wanted to deal with it”, admits the project leader.


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