Innovative bars from the University of Rzeszów

Vladimir Floyd/easyFotostoc/ East News

Researchers from the University of Rzeszów (UR) have developed innovative bars based on plant protein for people who avoid products containing gluten, milk and egg proteins, lactose and sucrose in their diet. 

The UR researchers’ product is characterised by a high content of plant protein and values in organic compounds with documented properties that stimulate the body’s immune system. In addition, these bars are soft and taste good. The solutions available on the market have a very hard texture and lack any flavour.

Currently, the product is in the early stages of development, which means that it still needs refinement. As explained by Dr Tomasz Cebulak, project leader, the main issue remains the proportion of plant proteins from different raw materials, as well as issues related to taste profiling and the final form of the bar. 

The research project “Bars based on plant protein with immunomodulatory properties” has received funding under the second call for proposals of the Podkarpackie Innovation Centre Grant Programme.

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