University of Gdańsk to check the presence of radioactive elements in food

Elwira Romaniuk Uniwersytet Gdański

Dr Dagmara Strumińska-Parulska, Professor at the University of Gdańsk, and her team will check the presence of radioactive elements in food, taking into account its country of origin. 

The research consists in determining the amount of various isotopes of radioactive elements such as uranium, thorium and the most radioactive polonium (210Po), which we ingest with the meals we eat. The team of the scientist from Gdañsk studies various types of beer, for the time being non-alcoholic, and drinking water – for the time being 30 types only from Poland, but they also want to introduce foreign water to the research.

“We are filling a niche with our research because there is little information from the scientific side about the content of some radionuclides in food, especially alpha radioactive ones. The research indicates that there are food products or dietary supplements in our diet, which when consumed in small amounts are a significant source of radionuclides”, says the researcher.

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