Application to help communicate with people with speech disorders


Weronika Górska, a graduate of the bachelor’s degree in computer science at the University of Information Technology and Management (UITM) in Rzeszów, created the ‘I communicate’ application as part of her engineering thesis. The app will provide people with verbal communication disabilities with the ability to communicate without third-party assistance.

The main function of the app is the ability to select pictograms and compose complete sentences from them, which will be read out by a speech synthesiser.

In her solution, the student used eyetracking technology, which allows eye movements to be recorded and interpreted as the user’s intentions. 

Eyetracking allows communication without the need to hold or operate any hardware. 

The comprehensive solution consisting of the ‘I communicate’ application and the HMI module, which communicates between the eyetracker and the application, will allow to provide people with disabilities with a life free of barriers and limitations.