Archaeologists’ discoveries at Bahra 1 site in Kuwait

. J. Śliwa UW

The Kuwait-Poland Archaeological Mission (KPAM), participated by the researchers from the Centre for Mediterranean Archaeology at the University of Warsaw (CAŚ UW), is conducting research at the prehistoric Bahra 1 site in northern Kuwait. During the current archaeological season, researchers have discovered an unusual fragment of a pendant depicting a bird of prey and a fragment of a boat model.

The most interesting discoveries made there by Kuwaiti and Polish archaeologists include an unusual building interpreted as a temple – the first of its kind discovered in the region. 

A fragment of a stone pendant depicting a bird of prey with outstretched wings was discovered this year in one of the rooms of a building near the temple. 

“This would not have been anything unusual in a later period, but here in the 6th millennium BC such an object is quite surprising”, says Prof Piotr Bieliński from the CAŚ UW. ”This is the first amulet of this type found during the excavations’, he adds.