Architects from the Warsaw University of Technology developing a concept of a modular settlement for refugees from Ukraine


The Faculty of Architecture of the Warsaw University of Technology (PW) is developing the concept of a modular settlement for Ukrainian refugees. It will be used to develop general guidelines and standards for this type of housing complex.

As part of the urban and architectural concept, segment designs will be created in a modular system for families with different numbers of members. Additionally, it will be possible to combine and divide them again. Variants of the listings of segments in the form of building quarters will be developed. On a macro scale, a residential complex for about 3.5 thousand people will be built. The proposals will ensure an adequate standard of living, the necessary social infrastructure and ecological solutions.

The academic community from Poland and Ukraine as well as the refugees themselves who came to Poland will be involved in the work.

The Polish project of a modular settlement for refugees “Modular Refugee Settlement Project” (ProModSe) has been selected for implementation by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Community New European Bauhaus. The EIT is a body of the European Union.

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