Centre for the Law of New Technologies established at the University of Gdansk

Wojciech Strozyk/REPORTER

The University of Gdansk, as the first university in Poland, has established a specialised unit focused on normative phenomena – the Centre for New Technology Law (CPNT). It will function within the Faculty of Law and Administration and conduct research, implementation, educational and popularisation activities.

“The logic of the Centre will be as follows. Once the team is formed, looking for ‘common denominators’, we will choose a few research directions – and build projects around them. So I am not limiting myself in advance to a particular or specific sector of the economy, although naturally the IT/ICT sector seems to be key”, says the unit’s director, Dr Jakub Szlachetko.

According to the plans, the CPNT is to undertake initiatives integrating the employees of various departments and units, as well as doctoral students and students. “After all, the Centre’s research problems go beyond the artificial boundaries of disciplines and fields in which we function on a daily basis, due to the legislation in force”, adds the head of the CPNT.

Read more: https://ug.edu.pl/news/pl/4645/centrum-prawa-nowych-technologii-na-ug