Conference Window to the South- interdisciplinary about southern Slavs to be held in Wrocław

Mateusz Grochocki/ East News

The Ljudi Student Scientific Club, operating at the Institute of Slavonic Philology of the University of Wrocław, invites you to a scientific conference entitled “Window to the South – interdisciplinarily about the Southern Slavs”. The conference will take place on 20 and 21 April in a remote mode with the possibility of full-time participation.

The event is the spiritual heir of the well-known conference series “Understanding the Balkans” and preserves its tradition – an interdisciplinary character through which, in addition to the usual issues of philology (linguistics, literary studies), issues of political and social sciences and cultural studies can also be addressed. 

The recent tightening of Serbo-Kosovo relations and Croatia’s entry into the Schengen area and the adoption of the Euro currency open the door wide for exploration. The languages of the conference are Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin, Serbian and Polish.

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