Graphene dressing for skin wounds to be created

Graphene sheet, illustration.

Researchers from the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW) are working on the development of a novel dressing with graphene for superficial skin wounds.

The SGGW researchers focused on properties that can be used in the healing process of skin wounds. The research used a single-atomic layer of graphene, the so-called monolayer. This is a material that is very thin and at the same time extremely strong in relation to its structure. It adheres perfectly to a variety of surfaces, including glass, which was used by a team of scientists from the Warsaw University of Life Sciences when conducting cell research on this very material coated with a graphene layer. Its structure does not damage cells as is the case with graphene nanoplatelets, which have sharp edges.

However, according to Anita Kruk of the SGGW Promotion Office, before a product can be developed and marketed, it must be thoroughly tested for its impact on both animal and human organisms and on the environment.

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