Latest model of ferry navigation and manoeuvring simulator to be delivered to the Maritime University of Technology in Szczecin

fot. Politechnika Morska w Szczecinie

The Maritime University of Technology in Szczecin will acquire the latest model of a ferry navigation and manoeuvring simulator, together with a dual fuel LNG (liquefied natural gas) bunkering system. The equipment will be installed in the university’s new building, construction of which will begin in early 2024.

The new simulator will be used to train students from the university’s Faculty of Navigation and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, so that they will first acquire job-appropriate competences, and later, while working at sea, this will translate into increased safety in the maritime sector.

Training students in the operation of different types of ships equipped with different marine power plants on simulators is essential. It enables the creation, for practice purposes, of various dangerous situation scenarios in safe conditions, which in future work at sea will allow to minimise the risk of making a mistake.

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