Lodz University of Technology has a new research centre

Jacek Szabela PŁ

A Research Centre for New Biologically Active Compounds Potentially Useful in Medical Diagnostics has been opened at the Institute of Organic Chemistry at the Faculty of Chemistry of the Technical University of Lodz (PŁ).

The new centre will host interdisciplinary research work from the broadly defined interface between chemical, biological, medical and life sciences. They concern the search for compounds useful in modern medical diagnostics, as well as new biologically active molecules, and are part of a set of issues of great importance to human health and safety.

“The main focus of the work will be on research in the area of omics techniques, looking for markers and biomarkers in circulatory, cancerous or infectious diseases, as well as correlations with their long-range effects, including autoimmune diseases, or infections with pathogenic organisms”, explains Prof. Łukasz Abrecht, Vice-Chancellor for Science and Director of the Institute of Organic Chemistry.

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