Researchers from the Wrocław University of Science and Technology working on a new platform for telemedicine services 

Lukasz Szczepanski/REPORTER

Researchers at the Faculty of Computer Science and Telecommunications at Wrocław University of Science and Technology are working on a new telemedicine service platform for people 60+, which will facilitate access to health services.

“The project is a combination of current medical needs, the current healthcare situation and the needs of society in terms of access to medicine. It is aimed at people 60+, and this is due to the fact that our society is getting older and the issue of medical services for this age group is becoming more and more important”, says Dr Grzegorz Kołaczek, professor of Wrocław University of Technology.

In addition to the Wrocław university, the consortium comprises the 4th Military Research Hospital with Polyclinic SP ZOZ, 10 primary healthcare units from Lower Silesia and Greater Poland, as well as a Norwegian partner and a technology partner.

Telemedicine, also known as distance medicine, is the provision of medical services combining elements of telecommunications, IT and medicine. 

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