Łukasiewicz – PORT becomes a leader of an international EU project to counter disinformation


Łukasiewicz – PORT The Polish Technology Development Centre, as the leader of an international consortium, has received a grant from Horizon Europe for the SAUFEX (Secure Automated Unified Framework for Exchange) project to develop new ways of countering information manipulation. The amount of funding is EUR 3 million.

Among other things, the SAUFEX project will contribute to the development of models for countering disinformation that threatens the health of the population. Led by Łukasiewicz – PORT, the consortium consists of academic, technology and analytical organisations from Finland, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Poland 

Łukasiewicz – PORT will provide the expertise needed to develop advanced solutions based on artificial intelligence through a partnership with Ukrainian machine learning and software development specialists from OSavul, a company developing software to counter disinformation emerging from Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

Read more: https://port.lukasiewicz.gov.pl/lukasiewicz-port-liderem-miedzynarodowego-projektu-ue-w-celu-przeciwdzialania-dezinformacji/