Łukasiewicz – Poznań Institute of Technology joins innovative wooden building systems project

fot. Lukasz Szczepanski/REPORTER

Łukasiewicz – Poznań Institute of Technology, together with Łukasiewicz – ITECH Institute of Innovation and Technology and scientists from Finland, Ireland, Italy, Norway and Slovenia, will carry out the CRESTIMB project on innovative timber building systems with an extended service life. The Polish part of the work has been allocated PLN 1.1 million.

The aim of the activities is to develop an innovative timber construction system providing extended life and reusability of the material. Researchers will work on the construction system itself, but also on the application of the developed solution for better use of forest resources and achieving benefits for society, the climate and the economy. 

Increasing the share of closed cycles and extending the useful life of buildings and structural elements is a step towards more sustainable, resource-efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly construction. 

Read more: https://www.ncn.gov.pl/aktualnosci/2024-01-16-wyniki-forestvalue2

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