Microscopic Centre for Investigating Matter SPIN-Lab to be created at the University of Silesia

Matylda Klos Uniwersytet Śląski

The SPIN-Lab Microscopic Centre for the Study of Matter has been established at the University of Silesia. The unit’s tasks include the consolidation and development of regional research into the physical and chemical properties of modern materials and nanomaterials used in medicine, pharmaceuticals, aviation, automotive and many other fields. 

The new laboratory building includes a transmission electron microscope adapted for research in cryogenic conditions, a scanning electron microscope coupled to a xenon ion gun, a scanning electron microscope with EDX, WDX and Raman detectors, a confocal microscope with a white laser and an X-ray microtomograph.

The new research centre was built and equipped with funds from the Regional Operational Programme of the Silesian Voivodeship 2014-2020 (Measure 1.1. ‘Key research infrastructure for the region’ in priority axis I ‘Modern economy’).

Read more: https://us.edu.pl/event/otwarcie-centrum-mikroskopowego-badania-materii-spin-lab/

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