Ministry of Education steps towards the creation of a university hospital at the University of Rzeszów


The Minister of Education and Science, Przemysław Czarnek, took part in the ceremonial signing of an agreement to change the founding body for the F. Chopin Clinical Regional Hospital No. 1 in Rzeszów. This change and the creation of a university hospital will enable the development of the University of Rzeszów’s College of Medical Sciences.

The entire investment will probably take several years, but from 1 January 2023. „The University of Rzeszów, as the hospital’s governing body, already has obtained all the documents and legitimacy to take this investment from the design level to the implementation phase”, Minister Czarnek said.

He added that the initiative corresponds with the efforts of the Ministry of Education and Science to increase the number of medical students. There is a shortage of tens of thousands of doctors. The only way to replenish this cadre is to increase the number of students in medical studies.

Minister Czarnek presented the rector of the University of Rzeszów, Professor Sylwester Czopek, with two cheques for a total of nearly PLN 7.5 million to be used to expand the infrastructure of the medical faculty and maintain research equipment.

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