National Agency for Academic Exchange launches a call for applications for NAWA Prelude Bis 3


The National Agency for Academic Exchange announces the opening of the call for applications in the programme enabling doctoral traineeships abroad – Prelude Bis NAWA 3. The Prelude Bis 3 programme is another joint action between NAWA and the National Science Centre (NCN), resulting from the Cooperation Agreement between the two institutions signed in September 2019.

Internships abroad will enable doctoral students to gain research experience in European and non-European academic or research centres and to establish international scientific cooperation. They will be synergistic with NCN projects Prelude Bis 3 programme.

Prelude Bis NAWA 3 is a programme expected by the doctoral community and is an important component supporting the international activity of doctoral students. “The programme is an important complement to the NCN competition, enabling foreign research activities to be carried out on a significant scale”, emphasises Michał Klimczyk, President of the National Representation of Doctoral Students.

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