Opole University researcher examines the experimental film work of Nina Menkes

Bartlomiej Magierowski/East News

Dr Sylwia Frach from the University of Opole will carry out a project ‘Experimental filmmaking of Nina Menkes between 1981 and 2010. A search at the American Film Academy’. She has won a grant from the National Science Centre in the Miniatura 7 competition for her research.

Dr Frach will look at how Menkes portrays women in her films and what gender-related messages she conveys, as well as highlighting different film techniques such as framing, colour, sound and editing, and experimental approaches to narrative structure.

The completion of the project will be the starting point for a research project in which Dr Frach will explore how Nina Menkes’ films use experimental narrative strategies to draw attention to the marginalised experiences of women and, at the same time, how Menkes’ personal experiences as a director contribute to the debate on the place of women in the history of cinema.

Read more: https://uni.opole.pl/page/5968/kolejny-projekt-badawczy-z-grantem-ncn