Warsaw to host the 24th Polish-German Summer Academy


The 24th Polish-German Summer Academy, which is one of the flagship projects of the Institute of Political Science and Administration of Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University (UKSW) in Warsaw, took place in late August and early September 2023.

At its inception, the initiative was aimed at future priests to help overcome historical prejudices. Today, its aim is to establish contacts between students of both countries and to create a lasting interest in Polish-German relations and the Polish-German tradition of reconciliation.

This year, participants in the Academy took part in the following activities, among others: Germany and Poland in Europe – common or separate goals and ambitions in the new geopolitical powerplay?; Religion and politics – the role of the Orthodox Churches in Russia and Ukraine vis-à-vis the role of the Vatican; Standing on the side of a “just peace” in the face of the war in Ukraine – but how?; How is the German “epochal turning point” taking place?; Comparative analysis of Polish and German textbooks.