Pioneering operation at the Warsaw Medical University


There were only two such surgeries in the USA. In Poland and in Europe it was performed for the first time. Operated patient stays at home, in a very good condition.

Team of the Endoscopic Laboratory of the General, Transplant and Liver Surgery Clinic of the Medical University of Warsaw, headed by Prof. Krzysztof Zieniewicz performed endoscopic reconstruction of the continuity of the gastrointestinal tract. A specialized stent was used to connect the final sections of the large intestine (sigmoid colon and rectum).

The treatment was conducted together with Prof. Anna Wiechowska-Kozłowska from the Hospital of the Ministry of Interior and Administration in Szczecin and PhD Sławomir Kozieł from the Department of General, Transplant and Liver Surgery, Endosonography and Endoscopy. The operation was prepared with the participation of PhD Jan Pertkiewicz, the leader of the Polish endoscopy.


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