Polish-European School of Law at the University of Białystok


21 students from Austria, the Czech Republic, Georgia, Armenia, Serbia, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, the USA, Kosovo and Hungary are taking part in the second programme of the Polish-European School of Law at the University of Białystok (UwB). The classes are held as part of the SPINAKER programme of the National Agency for Academic Exchange.

The programme of the School includes specialist issues in the basic branches of Polish and European law and elements of economics. The classes concern in particular constitutional law and the political system of the Republic of Poland, administrative law, economic and customs law, elements of civil and criminal law. Issues such as the sources of European Union law and its principles, the EU bodies and issues of EU citizenship will also be addressed. 

In the economic part, students will learn the basics of economics and business, the free movement of goods within the European Union, the EU’s economic relations with associated countries with particular emphasis on access to the common market.