Polish scientists awarded Consolidator Grants 2022 by the European Research Council

Krajowy Punkt Kontaktowy Programów Badawczych UE

Dr Artur Obłuski from the University of Warsaw and Dr Michał Drahus from the Jagiellonian University in Kraków have been awarded the prestigious Consolidator Grants 2022 of the European Research Council.

Dr Artur Obłuski is an archaeologist, specialising in research on medieval Nubia. In 2017, he was the first Polish archaeologist to receive a Starting Grant from the European Research Council. He has now been awarded a Consolidator Grant for research ‘Afropolis Tungul. Urban biography of a cosmopolitan African capital’. The project will result in an ‘urban biography’ of Tungul (Old Dongola), a Nubian metropolis located in what is now Sudan that existed for more than one and a half thousand years.

Dr Michal Drahus is an astronomer and studies comets and asteroids, among other things. He received the ERC Consolidator Grant 2022 for the project ‘YADES. Hydrogen and deuterium survey of minor bodies: transformative science with a purpose-built CubeSat’.