University of Szczecin has a new studio and television lab

Uniwersytet Szczeciński

A new studio and television lab have been opened at the Centre for Media Education and Interactivity at the University of Szczecin to organise the entire tv production process (from idea to finished product). It is here that students will learn the secrets of the work of a television journalist, stand behind the camera, learn editing and prepare audiovisual materials.

The television studio consists of a directing, an editing and a production rooms with an area of almost 110 square metres, soundproofed with acoustic foam and equipped with a light stage truss. The control room has space for light, video and sound engineers, as well as editing stations. 

The studio was equipped with high-end equipment, including a greenbox, which works perfectly with digital cameras. A Blackmagic Design mobile production mixer has also been purchased, providing broadcast standard support for live events and live streaming.

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