Polish scientists work out a new photonic system

Science Advances

Researchers from the Department of Physics at the University of Warsaw (UW), together with the Military University of Technology, Italy’s CNR Nanotec, the UK’s University of Southampton and the University of Iceland, have obtained a new photonic circuit “with electrically tuned topological features, constructed from perovskites and liquid crystals”. The discovery, which could find applications in creating efficient and unconventional light sources, is described in Science Advances.

Perovskites are durable and easy-to-manufacture materials whose special property is their high absorption coefficient of sunlight and are therefore used to build new, more efficient photovoltaic cells. In recent years, the hitherto underestimated emissive properties of these materials have begun to be exploited.

‘We noticed that two-dimensional perovskites are very stable at room temperature, have high exciton binding energy and quantum efficiency,’ said Karolina Łempicka-Mirek at the UW Department of Physics and first author of the paper.

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