Researcher of the Gdańsk University of Technology becomes a scientific consultant for the team of VIKA developers


Prof. Jacek Rumiński, Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Computer Science of the Gdańsk University of Technology has become a scientific consultant for a multidisciplinary team that developed an innovative VIKA application aimed at improving human health. Thanks to the cooperation of specialists in various fields – incl. artificial intelligence, medicine, psychology or sport, a virtual assistant for a healthy lifestyle was created.

VIKA is the world’s first healthy life expectancy counter. It analyzes physical activity, lifestyle, diet and thanks to the data collected in a detailed interview, it estimates the biological age of its user. VIKA is able to approximate how our lifestyle affects the aging process – whether our habits add or maybe subtract our body for years.

Used regularly, VIKA will become a virtual assistant helping users take care of their health. It will suggest healthy solutions, leading to the construction of lasting, healthy habits.

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