Researchers from the Medical University of Silesia and the University of Silesia to write a textbook on early childhood development


Researchers from the Silesian Medical University and the University of Silesia will write a unique textbook on the development of the young child. The book “Supporting the development of the young child – an interdisciplinary approach” has been included in the publishing plan for 2024. 

The handbook will take into account the latest data resulting from research on child development and its disorders. Special attention will be paid to children born prematurely, as prematurity is an important risk factor for neurodevelopmental disorders.

The handbook will be addressed to all specialists involved in the development of the young child – primary and specialist care physicians, educationalists, psychologists, physiotherapists and speech therapists.

The authors also promise to discuss the issue of communication with parents in a difficult situation related to their child’s illness, especially in communicating unfavourable diagnoses concerning the child’s development.

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