Researchers of the Pomeranian University in Słupsk to act in defense of endangered species

Wojciech Wojtkielewicz/ Polska Press/East News

Scientists from the Institute of Biology and Earth Sciences of the Pomeranian University in Słupsk conduct research on endangered species of flora and fauna. The research is carried out as part of the project on the restoration of wetlands in the area of the State Forests, the Polanów Forest District.

The work of researchers is aimed at protecting orchids growing in the vicinity of Polanów. Many species of these plants grow and feel good on the peat bogs – early marsh-orchid, heath spotted-orchid, Fuchs orchid, broad-leaved marsh orchid and very rare marsh helleborine. Orchids are plants that arouse admiration. They are extremely rare in Poland, often threatened with extinction.

The main threat to orchids is the change in water conditions (melioration of peat bogs) and overgrowing of their habitats by willow thickets. Protective measures consist in slowing down the outflow of water from the fen by installing gates on drainage ditches.