Researchers of Wrocław University of Science and Technology Faculty of Chemistry awarded grants for new teams

Bartlomiej Magierowski/East News

Two scientists from the Faculty of Chemistry at Wrocław University of Technology have won grants totalling almost PLN 7 million for their research. The money comes from the Sonata Bis programme organised by the National Science Centre and aimed at researchers wishing to set up a new team.

Dr Paweł Karpiński received a grant of more than PLN 3.9 million for the project ‘Modifications of non-linear optical properties in crystals using ultrafast laser pulses’. His team will focus on better understanding the interaction of ultrafast laser pulses with matter and structural changes in crystals and their impact on changing the non-linear optical properties of these crystals.

Dr Eng Rafal Szabla has won more than 3 million for the project ‘Investigating RNA self-replication using quantum chemistry and machine learning’. The scientist will investigate how the first carriers of genetic information may have self-replicated even before the emergence of enzymes.

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