Scientists from Poland in the SONATINA competition to receive over PLN 22 million 


The National Science Center has announced the results of the sixth SONATINA competition. 32 researchers from all over Poland, who have recently obtained a doctoral degree, will receive a total of over PLN 22 million for research and internships in prestigious foreign centers.

The SONATINA competition is addressed to people who have obtained a doctoral degree within 3 years before the year of submitting the application or who have been awarded this degree by June 30, 2022. The awarded grants will cover the costs of full-time employment of the winners in Polish research units, implementation of basic research and applications and internships lasting from 3 to 6 months.

Most of the winners (13), were selected in the group of exact and technical sciences. They received over PLN 8 million. A similar amount of funding was allocated to 8 applications in the Life Sciences group. In the group of humanities, social sciences and art, experts qualified 11 applications for funding for a total amount of over PLN 6 million.

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