Silesian University of Technology launched design and testing laboratories for vehicle

Politechnika Śląska

Two state-of-the-art laboratories have been opened at the Silesian University of Technology. The new technology workshop and the dynamometer will be used to design, construct and test vehicles of various types, including those with hybrid and electric propulsion. They will be used by researchers and students”.

The equipment in both laboratories will allow the design and monitoring of the operation of vehicles of various types, in terms of safe human and environmental use. The laboratories will be used by scientists for research work and by students gaining new skills. 

The chassis dynamometer will be used for a wide range of real-world testing of motor vehicles. Its equipment allows not only internal combustion engine parameters to be checked, but also the testing of hybrid and electric vehicles. This will enable to determine the energy consumption and emission performance of a vehicle, so important for ecological and environmental reasons. 

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