“Two decades of fighting terrorism”

Uniwersytet Gdański

The publishing house Difin has issued a monograph of Dr Paulina Piasecka, Dr Katarzyna Maniszewska and Dr Robert Borkowski titled “Two decades of combating terrorism”.

The publication contains texts on threats related to international terrorism, methods of combating it, as well as the international dimension of the fight against this threat.

The book by researchers working for the Krzysztof Liedel Center for Research on Terrorism Collegium Civitas in Warsaw analyzes the security of the modern world in the past two decades, in the context of the threats of the 21st century which have been developing under the influence of the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001. The authors intend to answer questions about the far-reaching and long-term effects of “9/11”.

The authors of individual texts include Dr Monika Nowicka, Andrzej Mroczek, Dr Wojciech Szewko, Jerzy Smoliński, Dr Eng. Dobrosław Mąka.