University in Kraków to educate future doctors and nurses

fot. UKEN

The University of the Commission of National Education (UKEN) in Kraków is planning to open a degree course in nursing from 1 October 2024 and to launch medicine in the 2025/2026 academic year.  

“These plans have been included in the university’s development strategy for 2023-2030”, says Vice-Chancellor for Education and Development Dr Robert Stawarz, Professor UKEN. 

For almost five months, the university has carried out a lot of work aimed at preparing not only the study programme and acquiring appropriate teaching staff, but also at establishing cooperation with medical units that make it possible to conduct practical classes and organise internships and placements. 

“Today, we have already signed 15 agreements with hospitals and healthcare facilities from all over Małopolska. This will certainly be to the benefit of these facilities, as well as our future students, who will probably come to us from different parts of the voivodeship. I am delighted that our initiative to expand our educational offer has been very well received in the medical community and that hospitals are willing to start cooperating with the University of the Commission for National Education in Krakow”, stressed Vice-Chancellor Dr Robert Stawarz, Professor UKEN.

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