University of Warsaw participated in 121 projects for over EUR 39 million under the “Horizon 2020” program

Stefan Maszewski/REPORTER

The National Contact Point of the National Center for Research and Development has published a report summarizing Poland’s participation in the European Union Framework Program “Horizon 2020”. The leader among Polish research units that are beneficiaries of this program is the University of Warsaw, which participated in 121 projects with co-financing of over EUR 39 million.

Horizon 2020 is completed EU’s Framework Program for Research and Innovation,. It was carried out in the years 2014–2020.

The report stated that “in total 894 Polish institutions, which constitutes 2.58% of EU organizations, received a total of EUR 748.01 million in funding. This is over 1/5 of funds that were allocated to 13 new member states [joined to the EU in 2004 together with Poland or in the following years]. Polish scientists and entrepreneurs are invariably on the 15th position among the Member States and are the leader in the group of new Member States”.

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