University of Warsaw scientists to talk about the Nobel Prize in Physics 


On 6 June 2023, a new meeting in the series ‘8 lectures for the New Millennium’ will take place. Prof. Andrzej Dragan from the Department of Physics at the University of Warsaw (UW) will deliver the lecture ‘Entangled states and other heresies. Nobel Prize in Physics 2022’. The lecture will take place at 17.00 in the auditorium of the Old Library on the Krakowskie Przedmieście campus.

Prof. Andrzej Dragan is a theoretical physicist and populariser of science. He works at the Faculty of Physics of the University of Warsaw, where he obtained his doctorate and habilitation. Prof. Dragan has also been associated with foreign research centres such as Imperial College London, the University of Nottingham and the National University of Singapore.

Prof. Dragan’s research interests include general relativity theory, relativistic quantum information theory and quantum field theory in curved spacetimes. He has devoted dozens of publications to these issues.