University of Warsaw to hold the 1st Medical Humanization Congress

Piotr Hukalo/East News

The interdisciplinary debate on the role of communication and the idea of humanism in medicine and health care will include subject of the 1st Congress of Humanization of Medicine, which will be held on June 9-10, 2022 at the University of Warsaw (UW).

The Congress is addressed to employees of health care units, academic teachers, ethics, students of medical faculties, health sciences, humanities and social sciences, non-governmental organizations representing patients, as well as journalists dealing with health issues, as well as hospital directors and managers. The congress will also be attended by rectors and deans of faculties educating students in medical faculties.

“A humanistic approach in medicine and health sciences is important. The works of scientists from the University of Warsaw show how to combine humanities and medical knowledge by conducting interdisciplinary research of significant importance for society. The University of Warsaw has significant achievements and a strong position in physics, biology, chemistry, nanotechnologies, artificial intelligence, as well as psychology, ethics, morality and other disciplines in the field of social sciences and humanities”, emphasizes Prof. Alojzy Z. Nowak, rector of the University of Warsaw.

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