Warsaw Medical University to establish an emergency medicine training centre in Ukraine


The Rector of the Warsaw Medical University (WUM), Professor Zbigniew Gaciong, and Professor Robert Gałązkowski, Head of the Department of Emergency Medicine, Director of the Air Ambulance Service and Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at WUM, signed a cooperation agreement on support for training in battlefield medicine.

The Rector and the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences travelled to Ivano-Frankivsk to hand over, among other things, trainers for teaching how to stop haemorrhages and other equipment that will be used to train doctors and medics. These, in turn, will provide assistance to those injured during hostilities.

The agreement, which they signed on the spot, provides for the establishment of a training centre at the Clinical Centre for Emergency and Disaster Medicine in Ivano-Frankivsk. Within the framework of the agreement, cooperation in the training of medical personnel in battlefield medicine will be possible, as well as equipment support. 

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