Wrocław University of Science and Technology cooperating with the Industrial Development Agency

Politechnika Wrocławska

The exchange of scientific information, publications and teaching materials, as well as joint participation in educational campaigns, e.g. on climate change, are the main assumptions of a cooperation agreement between the Faculty of Environmental Engineering of Wrocław University of Technology and the Industrial Development Agency (IDA). 

The agreement was signed by Dr Bartosz Kaźmierczak, professor of the university, dean of the faculty of environmental engineering, and Przemysław Strzelec, director of the ARP Wrocław branch. The ARP is a joint stock company under the supervision of the Prime Minister with 100 per cent ownership by the State Treasury.

The agreement provides for, among other things, participation in educational campaigns, particularly in the popularisation of issues related to rainwater drainage, rainwater retention systems and climate change, as well as solutions to mitigate its negative effects, enabling students to complete theses and exchange scientific information, publications and teaching materials.

More: https://pwr.edu.pl/uczelnia/aktualnosci/rozszerzamy-wspolprace-z-agencja-rozwoju-przemyslu-12773.html

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