8 majors at the University of Warsaw receive the research category A +

Krystyna Blatkiewicz/REPORTER

The Ministry of Education and Science published the resolutions of the Science Evaluation Committee on the scientific categories proposed for entities within individual scientific and artistic majors. The Commission proposed to award the highest scientific category A + to 40 universities and scientific and research units.

The University of Warsaw was definitely the best among Polish universities, which was offered the A + category in as many as 8 majors: astronomy, history, computer science, mathematics, chemical sciences, physical sciences, security sciences, and psychology.

According to the Commission, three majors of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow deserve the highest scientific category: chemical sciences, physical sciences and psychology.

Institutes and centers of the Polish Academy of Sciences can boast 9 scientific majors with recommendations to the A + category: astronomy, mechanical engineering, mathematics, biological sciences, chemical sciences, medical sciences, art sciences, psychology, food and nutrition technology.


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