Agreement between science and business in Kielce

Technopark Kielce

A cooperation agreement between Jan Kochanowski University (UJK) in Kielce and Kielce Technology Park will allow students to gain practical knowledge and entrepreneurs to gain educated employees. 

The agreement aims to attract and support contacts integrating the scientific community with business, local government institutions and the business environment acting for economic development.

As Professor Stanisław Głuszek, Rector of UJK, emphasises, the agreement is intended to serve cooperation, mainly to develop entrepreneurship in support of new technologies. 

‘The Kielce Technology Park is interested in young people creating their future jobs, setting up new companies’, said Justyna Lichosik, director of the Kielce Technology Park. ‘We would like young people who are studying at the University today to create excellent staff for the development of the Świętokrzyskie voivodeship’, she added.

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