Book by a researcher from Białystok awarded by the Polish Economic Society


This year’s Professor Edward Lipiński prize of the Polish Economic Society was awarded to Dr Dariusz Kiełczewski, Professor at the University of Białystok (UwB), Faculty of Economics and Finance, for his book “The concept of integrated economic theory of sustainable development. Between mainstream and economic heterodoxy’. 

The publication was published by the University of Białystok Publishing House in 2021.

In the opinion of Professor Bogusław Fiedor, an expert in sustainable development issues, the book by Prof. Dariusz Kiełczewski: “constitutes an original and valuable contribution to contemporary economic analysis in research and studies on sustainable development. It is the first monograph in the Polish economic literature in which the concept of sustainable development is shown in the background and perspective of fundamental methodological disputes in contemporary economics”. 

He also stressed that the book testifies to the great substantive competence of its author, as evidenced by the impressive literature used in the book and the precise and evocative language of the scientific argument.

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